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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I change Carl Rogers (1961)


Psychotherapy & Counselling Online or in Nottingham

Person-Centred Therapy In NG1,Nottingham's City Centre

At the renowned Tiger Boe Centre 7 Clarendon Street, NG1. Details...

Sessions cost just £40
Student Concession-£30

You're free to pay by cash, cheque or securely online via PalPal. Details...

Online Video Psychotherapy & Counselling available on Skype

Not in Nottingham? Unable to make it to a face to face session? Time pressured? Skype Video Details...

Close To Parking & Public Transport

On-street & multi-storey parking within minutes walk. Royal Centre tram & buses moments away. Details...

Putting You In Control

Good therapy is about respecting you and your right to self-determination, your autonomy. It respects the pace you wish to go at,it and doesn't aim to push you to go to areas of your experience, past or present, that you don't feel ready to go to.

Therapy with me respects that you may not want, or be able to afford, weekly sessions. Your work schedule or life commitments may not give time to fit in a weekly appointment. If you want fortnightly or monthly sessions, that is your call and I respect that.

At the outset of therapy we will discuss a few points. One is confidentiality. This is so you understand the few legal constraints that exist around the confidentiality I can offer, and to also talk about the circumstances where you may feel bringing in extra resources to a situation may be of benefit, and also how that would be done between us as an act of support for you.

Another is one of note keeping. I don't write notes whilst we have our session.

Putting You In Control

I do however offer the opportunity for notes to be kept. It is up to you whether I keep those brief headline notes of our sessions. There may be circumstances where those notes would be useful to you and, if you had decided not to have notes, you could at that point change your mind and notes could then be kept.

The final point addresses how I keep your personal information (including notes if you wish them to be made). This is simply your name and contact details and any other information you may feel is useful for me to have relating to your therapy, as well as an emergency contact for if you are ill during our session. It is up to you how much, or how little, of your information is held.

Your therapy is at Your Pace, at a frequency You Choose, with You in Control over what is written and kept About You, where You Have The Choice to question and review any of those things when you wish to. Putting You In Control. You mark and sign to your choices showing your explicit consent one one form.

It's The Relationship That Heals

Person-centred therapy is about the relationship between you, as the client, and me as your therapist.

It is the fundamental belief and knowledge that, if you are met and heard where you are at, any past psychological wounds will become healed - because you will have had those painful experiences met with open, empathic and compassionate care, rather than your past experience (which may have been one of shame, humiliation or hurt, or one where it was just missed, whether that was a deliberate or accidental act on the part of the person who did it).

Rather than being constrained by the past experience, you become able to be the freed version of you expressing what you wanted to express originally. That can allow movement in other areas of your past as well as your present and can be transformative.

Is Psychotherapy & Counselling For You?

Counselling gives you an opportunity to talk to an approachable and friendly person - in confidence -  who will be understanding, non-judgemental, compassionate and empathic regardless and will be there for you.

Life can be really challenging at times. You may have issues from the past which you can’t resolve or you may have experienced a recent major life event and are struggling to reconcile it. There may have a dilemma which you cannot see your way through or have done something you now regret. Regardless of the issue it can be easy to feel as if you are alone or stuck, unable to see a way through and need someone to be with you as you find your way through it.

Counselling can offer you a release from the grip of negative life limiting feelings and beliefs. It can be a positive and constructive action to regain balance, and maybe control, in your life. Sharing what you may never have shared with another can feel extremely beneficial and therapeutic. I offer you a safe, welcoming, confidential and non-judgemental space to share whatever you need to, where you will be met with compassion. We will work together to move toward relieving that sense of isolation or of being stuck.

Grief, Stress, Depression and Anxiety? Counselling with Jamie Glossop

Whatever your issue is, if it’s troubling you it is important to you and worthy of attention. I promise to be respectful and give you the dignity of allowing your feelings and experience to be true, not denied or minimised. Regardless of whatever you need to work through I will be sensitive to you and the situation and work with discretion and integrity.

I have over four years experience working in Mental Health. Across my career I have always worked with diverse communities and recognise the greater difficulties certain communities experience going through their daily lives. Acknowledging barriers where they exist, and seeing something as the person experiencing it sees it, is an important step to creating a connection.

I am qualified as Counsellor/Psychotherapist with a First Class Honours BA Degree in Humanistic Counselling Practice from the University of Nottingham.

With regards to Ethics and Professional Standards, I am an Accredited Registrant with the National Counselling Society and I am bound by their Code of Ethics and supervision requirements. Supervision is a requirement of professional bodies that are recognised by the Professional Standards Authority. My practice is registered with the Information Commissioner which lays down standards and commitments to my record keeping for both written documents and electronic records. I hold Professional Liability Insurance for my private practice as a Counsellor.

My full Privacy Policy detailing what personal information is gathered by me and how it is used and stored can be found here.

These serve to demonstrate my commitment to behaving professionally to recognised standards that serve to put your autonomy and wellbeing at the heart of your counselling.

My Psychotherapy and Counselling Practice in Nottingham is at the Tiger Boe Centre, 7 Clarendon Street, NG1, just a short walk from the Royal Centre tram stop in the heart of Nottingham’s city centre.

The therapy room here is a calm neutrally decorated space in the welcoming and friendly environment created by the Tiger Boe staff. There is a reception area where you can wait if you are a few minutes early and there is affordable parking nearby (see contact page for details).

Depression Counselling

I am experienced Counselling clients living with depression and low mood.

Grief Counselling

Grief is so individual and isolating as society and those around us can expect us to be a different way to what we feel.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety can be debilitating. Explore your issues and what works for you to be more comfortable in your life.

Private Counselling

My practice offers you an opportunity to share what troubles you in an open and accepting atmosphere.

Accredited Voluntary Register
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"Before every session, I take a moment to remember my humanity. There is no experience that this man has that I cannot share with him, no fear that I cannot understand, no suffering that I cannot care about, because I too am human."

-Carl Rogers

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