About Me

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I change Carl Rogers (1961)


Jamie Glossop

Grief Counselling

I have experience of working with Clients who grieve not only for those who they have lost, but also Clients who grieve for those they are about to lose. I have experience of Clients who grieve for a loss of circumstances rather than the loss of a loved one.

Anxiety Counselling

Many Clients are anxious about being anxious. And with good reason. Counselling allows Clients to explore and find what works for them with their specific anxieties.

Depression Counselling

Feeling depressed is significantly isolating and reaching out can be hard. I am experienced working with Clients finding their way through depression.

Person Centred Counselling

My practice focuses on what you need and offers you the opportunity to go at your pace. I will help you to explore the issues that trouble you.

About Me

I am approachable, with plenty life experience behind me, and have a commitment to your best interests at heart. I want to support and facilitate you through your challenges.

I am qualified as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist with a First Class BA Honours Degree in Humanistic Counselling Practice from the University of Nottingham.

My journey into counselling took many years. I have always wanted to work where I could make a difference to people’s lives. My career before training as a therapist covers roles as diverse as Civil Service roles, where people were required to give highly personal and sensitive information, and Health Care Assistant on a busy and pressured Renal ward at a central London hospital where patients were very often receiving bad or difficult news, as were their relatives. Both these roles required sensitivity, discretion, compassion, acceptance and resilience to difficulty.

I lived in London for over twenty years before moving to Nottingham. As I mention above I worked in roles that were pressured, responsible and demanding. I also experienced the significant press of life that living in a big city can bring: the transport difficulties, the intense busyness, financial pressures created by high housing and transport costs, and the stress and potential for aggression that comes as a natural part of living in an overcrowded environment.

Having had a significant and life changing experience of psychotherapy I was drawn to continue the journey of self-development which has brought me to the point of becoming a psychotherapist and a counsellor myself.I feel I have found a role that I thrive in.

My experience to date as a counsellor in Nottingham has been working with adults of all ages who have caring responsibilities and I have over four years experience working in the Mental Health field. I have gained experience working with personal dilemmas, childhood trauma, bereavement, disabilities, chronic illness, suicidal thoughts, intrusive thoughts, and the considerable stresses of modern living.

Whatever is troubling you is important and worthy of attention. I will meet you and your experience in a compassionate, accepting, non-judgemental and empathic way.

My professional interest extends to Mindfulness in counselling as it focuses on what is felt by the body in the moment. I use my Mindfulness practice to deeper my presence with you the client during sessions, checking in with what I sense during the session as a means of deepening the connection between us. Feelings are the sensations of emotions and reconnecting to our bodily sensations can help us identify what is happening with us. Being more accepting of the moment as it is rather than what we wish it to be is a route to a happier life. Finding ways to be more in the moment helps us reach that. 

If you'd like to find out more about Mindfulness please look at the Nottingham Mindfulness Group's website.


"No matter how deep his wound, he does not need to be ashamed in front of me. I too am vulnerable. And because of this, I am enough. Whatever his story, he no longer needs to be alone with it. This is what will allow his healing to begin."

- Carl Rogers

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